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I love modern Christmas music

2011-11-23 23:00:48 by EarthAndI

You know, like "His Favorite Christmas Story" or "30 Days" I mean, I like traditional ones and the ones that are almost in the middle of traditional and modern. But then people have to go and ruin them *Coughexamplecough*

I'm not a big holiday person. But I practically breathe music. So, you know. Do you guys prefer newer Christmas music? Or the traditional "Jingle Bells" sort of thing?

Oh, I'll be uploading another drawing, sometime soon. It involves snow and romance... Shut up, I'm a girl sometimes. Well.. I mean.. You know. I can be GIRLY from time to time. I hope it isn't often. I don't like being girly :I

About my flash..

2011-11-23 12:19:51 by EarthAndI

I'm not too concerned about the ratings I get. I just feel bad that I haven't posted anything but these and a couple drawings. And I should probably let you know that there were some parts I didn't mention because they were kinda detailed and I was tired. And I'm too lazy to go back and edit that message. But honestly, (And I hate to go advice columnist on you guys) if I like what it becomes, then I don't really care what other people rate it. I was only gonna make it to show Jon, but I figured "Hey, even if they don't get the joke, someone else might like this." I know I sound like I'm defending myself, and I hate when I do that. So I'm gonna quit. And as almost always, a question. If you could make a video about anything, what would it be?

*Expected answer: "POOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRN >:D"*

Inspiration >:3

2011-11-22 22:43:50 by EarthAndI

So, I'm working on a flash. It's not gonna be long. A minute or two. But I'll tell you guys the plan, in case I cancel. It's based on a true story :I

So there's me, sitting at a table, eating some a piece of candy. My friend Jon walks up, asks what I'm doing, and I say "Sucking on candy." Then he makes a face somewhat similar to this and I just stare at him for a moment. Then the rest of it goes:
Jon: Remember that conversation we had?
Me: Conversation....?
Jon: About our stripper names.
Jon: We need stripper names. How else are we gonna pay for college?
Me: *facepalm*
Jon : Okay... Kelsey, your Sugar Cube. Collin....Go away. Chrissy.... YOU'RE VAGEENA HERTZ.
Me: Oh.. My wor---
Me: 0%E0%B2%A0-look-of-disapproval
Jon: :3
(Back to present times...)
Me: .......... OH MY GO---


Like eet? :3

It just makes things worse. Due to trying to track kids down to get their pictures because they won the race, blah blah, I missed lunch. I also missed breakfast due to lack of sleep. So my stomach was in so much pain I started crying. (Yeah, I can be a drama queen, I know.) We were waiting on a teacher, when the infamous D-bag goes "What's with you?" So I tell him to stfu. Not like I did to that group of boys yesterday, oh no. Not under my breath. To his face. When everyone was waiting on me to answer his question, in the middle of silence. And he responds with "Whoa, I just ask a question," Which he had no right to, as it was none of his business. "And she throws a hissy fit!" I say something along the lines of "Really? Are you serious?" and turn around trying to calm myself. And the teacher FINALLY shows up, notices the not-so-happy look on my face, and asks if I'm okay. I don't answer so a friend of mine said "I think Haiden said some mean things to her.." And then the teacher we were with goes to my science teacher, and I think you can put the pieces together. Nobody ever told about me swearing. I don't think anyone would believe it, because I've never gotten in trouble.

Now, I think by now you guys know I hardly use profanity unless I'm really ticked. So do you guys think he deserved it, or am I just overreacting?

I told a group of annoying guys on the bleachers behind me to STFU. But then this whole thing started. Meh. It felt nice to swear. But my friend fussed at me for it. I should probably elaborate.

Okay, so today we had this weird race thing for Thanksgiving, called the Turkey Trot. Weird, I know. But anyways, I'm a photographer for the school newspaper, so the teacher sponsoring the newspaper let me borrow her camera to take pictures for it. You know, the runners, "excited fans," that sort of thing. So I was going to take a picture of them in a starting position, when all of a sudden I hear "WOOOOOOO. GOOO RUNNERS! YEEEEEEAAAAH!!!" Right. In. My. Freaking. Ear. So I turn around, and tell them what I'm thinking. Then Abby, being the ├╝ber-religious, anti-swearing one of the group goes "CHRISSY." But, I say what I think, so shmeh. But then I hear my friend Britni saying "Just shut up." So I figured they were dissing us. Needless to say, I didn't get that starting picture.

Before I forget, I'm also doing an advice column, so if any of you have a problem, PM me and it may be in my school newspaper, obviously anonymous. Anyone who has read about the douche-bag Haiden "Rectum" is probably wondering why I'm not just giving myself advice. I could, but it's sorta hard to give yourself advice, let alone follow that advice, ya' know? So yeah. Oh, and I'll be researching schizophrenia for my science project :3

Man, it's just one big project after another. And this one is tricky. I told my science teacher I would make an informative video about some disease/disorder. And I'm thinking about researching epilepsy, or maybe Tourette's. But I don't have any good ideas for the actual video. Do you guys have any ideas? Let me know, and I'll tell you if I use your idea :3

I'm scaring myself..

2011-11-19 23:22:06 by EarthAndI

I've been having serious mood swings. I know Newgrounds isn't often a sympathetic website, but if you're gonna troll, don't do it here. Because I can be overly sensitive. That, plus mood swings, doesn't make a pretty combination. But anyways. A couple days ago, due to some people, I wanted everyone to go die in a hole. The same hole, so that when they decomposed, if they ever came back as zombie skeletons, Douche-bag would have the torso of Idiot-Jock, who would have Hill-Billy's skull, who would have Preppy's arms/legs.

Then, the next day, when everyone was at the pep-rally*, I was stuck in a classroom full of mostly morons, delinquent-morons, and the people who never came to school. And there was also my ex, who is also one of my best friends (He had moved, then he came back, just a couple weeks ago). I didn't see him when I walked in because he was in the back, so I sat in the front, and right when I saw him, the teacher who was watching us, (I hate her. So much.) told us we couldn't change seats. So, even though we don't talk a lot at school anyways, due to being in different classes, I was upset that I couldn't go sit with him and talk. So I sat there and sulked for the rest of the two hours of school.

And just today, I felt awful. Like, sick. Not like puke-sick, but I feel like gravity is being a butt-hole and doesn't want me to move. So a question. Do you guys ever experience similar stuff? I know someone's gonna say "Hurr hurr, PMS." Just...No. Seriously, do you though?

*The pep-rally was for students who received a "Triple A Card". It's based on academics, attitude, and attendance. You need six "points," three in each category. Stupid, because I got all A's (3), never get written up for anything (3), but the idiot principal decided that if you miss more than two days of school, you're on the same level as idiots and delinquents. Last year, we had the same system, and I missed a bunch of school, but my math teacher gave me one anyways. This year, my math teacher is just stupid.

This really bothers me...

2011-11-19 18:06:07 by EarthAndI

You could call me butthurt, it's probably true. But I'm very opinionated. Another thing, if you aren't interested in rants, you probably wouldn't enjoy this post :3

So, today was the last day of my photography class. A couple weeks ago, (By the way, I meant to post this the day of.) we were watching a slide show of a famous photographer - Whose name I can't remember - and one picture was of two guys kissing. And everyone's reaction was "EEWWW."

Why? Why is homosexuality so hard to accept? And don't use the Christian excuse, because I'M Christian. I just don't shove it in other people's face. But really, why is being gay so "gross"? And, no, I'm not gay, but I do have a friend and family member who are. I don't think it's wrong. Oh, and that stupid stereotype, that they're out to "change" you, even I know it isn't true. First of all, no gay person has ever said to me "You should try it." Second, I'm pretty sure it's not a choice. Seriously, did YOU choose to be heterosexual? I didn't. It's just part of what makes me Chrissy. So that's my opinion.

Why don't I believe the Christian's excuse? Because, if God created people, if He created us to love, and if He created us to differ from one another, is it really THAT unexpected for one person of a certain gender to NOT like the opposite gender, but in reality, the same one? (That might not have made sense, but if it did, imaginary ice cream for you :D) Mm. No, I don't think so. So, for you close-minded people, why do hate homosexuality? It's stupid comments that you guys blurt out that make kids afraid to admit their sexuality, and that's just ridiculous.

On an unrelated note, I'm working on a project for science and I need to know, is epilepsy a disease, or a condition?

So apparently...

2011-11-17 20:29:54 by EarthAndI

There was some kind of lock-down at school today. I was on a field trip. Yesterday there were rumors about our school being on lock-down, but this morning, our principal said it wasn't. So, AG kids went on the field trip, come back, and go home. On the bus ride home, my sister said that the school WAS on lock-down today. Confusion. And I just read on Facebook from a friend, that someone left notes at Ingles, and phone calls at the school saying something like "If you think Virginia Tech *carbine was bad, wait until this afternoon." I looked on the local news website, but didn't find anything, so I think it was just some kid and their twisted sense of humor. If you go to my school and know what I'm talking about, inform me? Because I'm lost.

*I got this from my friend online, so I'm sure these weren't the exact words. I'm not sure if she was paraphrasing, or heard two different things, but I think "carbine" was supposed to be "Columbine," but if the note really did say "Virginia Tech Columbine," than the person that supposedly left the notes/calls was just really stupid.

So someone asked about the details of my problem with the idiot. It's not so much what he says to me, just the fact that he doesn't quit. Really, most of what he says doesn't even make sense. It started when I told him to be quiet. He, out of nowhere, calls me a hippie. And the conversations went somewhat like this:

Me: Even if I were a hippie, would that bother you?
Him: Yup. Because hippies don't like guns.
Me: Moron.

Him: *says something stupid when I'm trying to learn*
Me: Dude. Hush.
Him: Whatever, hippie. Get back to protesting.
Me: Do you even know what the protests are about?
Him: Yes. (No.)

Him: Hey. Do you eat meat?
Me: *ignores*
Him: I guess that's a no.
Me: (At this point, my patience is at a negative two.) Okay, loser, quit assuming and get you head out of your butt.

So, as you can see, I've tried being both calm and not-so-nice. Like I said, I can't say too much, as we're in school, and he's always talking to a teacher. So. Like said before, ideas?