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Yeah, I know I'm a nerd. But, something's wrong with my computer. Every time I try to play a game, it'll come up with an error message that says "And unexpected error has occurred" Blah blah blah. Have any of you gotten that message? It's freaking annoying. Speaking of annoying, there's a guy in my class, and all that comes out of his mouth is stupid and hateful crap. What would you guys do about it? And keep in mind, if I swear at him, he'll become uberdouche-bag. Clever remarks to keep him away?

Well, that's spiffy!

2011-11-13 19:09:17 by EarthAndI

Ha. I'm an old person. :3 But anyways, I should be getting a tablet for Christmas :D And quite possibly one of the Sony Vegas programs. So I should be able to make videos then. Windows Movie Maker is crap -_- But yeah. Let's hope. Do any of you have a tablet? Is it easy to figure out? My little ol' brain doesn't do well with difficult situations. Another question, what do you guys want for Christmas? The best answer I've ever gotten from this question was from my friend Jordon, last year. He wants to rule the world. :3

Don't ask. Because I don't know. Anyways. I was hoping you guys could help me out with something. I'm gonna try to make another animation. And I'll really try hard not to cancel it. But the thing is, I don't have the audio I want for it. I REALLY want to use a piano cover for "That's What Friends Are For," but I can't find any decent ones on YouTube. Actually, I did. But I had to be friends with the person before I could send them a message, and comments were disabled on every video of his. So. It would really help me out if you guys could tell me if you can play the song well. And, you know, send me a recording. If you're interested, I'll send you my e-mail THAT'S ONLY USED FOR THINGS LIKE THIS. I don't want any stalkers, so I have a private one and one I use for spam and "business" I suppose. So. Yeah. Please help, if you can? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks~!

Pff. I need a camera.

2011-11-06 11:52:24 by EarthAndI

I really do. I had one... But I broke it when I was putting batteries in >.<' Stupid cheap things. I've decided that when I get a new one, I'll move my little "rants" from here, to YouTube. I don't think it's as effective if it's in writing, so. Yeah. But it won't all be serious. I'll be doing random things every once in a while :3
But, if you have any topics you'd like me to share my opinion on, feel free to let me know in the comments :D


2011-10-31 18:40:06 by EarthAndI

I'm not too sure if I want to upload it here. My flash, I mean. It's pretty crappy. And technically unfinished. And stupid. Honestly I don't know why so many people liked it. Perhaps they've never seen a real animation. Shmeh. I guess I could upload it for the people on other websites I told about it. Maybe. What do you guys think? I could just upload it on YouTube. I was planning on doing both YouTube and Newgrounds. YT account: impmunk So again, watch, and let me know if I should put it on here.


2011-10-29 23:25:11 by EarthAndI

YES. IT IS I. And guess what. I'm making an animation! Finally! It's not just an idea, but an actual in-the-making movie! I won't tell you too much, but I'll give you this: What the girl is actually doing, isn't very clear, until she's finished. And don't be perverted. Nothing in it is too strikingly obvious. But I think some of you will get it. Maybe... But you'll have to wait until Monday ;3

We should be happy~

2011-10-09 20:43:24 by EarthAndI

That's what I said from the start~ :3

Ha. As you guys can tell, I'm a tad on the excited side :D You're probably wondering why. And a lot of it has to do with school (Weird, right?). This week is gonna be amazing~! Ok, I'll break my week down. Tomorrow, I won't really even be at school, because the whole grade's academically gifted students are going on a field trip. That also means, me and my best friend Jonathon, have the WHOLE day to catch up. Because we're in different classes, we almost never get to talk. Then the next day, I get to stay after school to work with my chorus teacher. I decided last month that I'm auditioning for the next season of AGT, and she's letting me stay after school to practice with her. Then Wednesday or Thursday, I can't remember which, we have an early release. And Friday is, well, Friday :3 And at some point in the week, I get to find out if I made the solo for the chorus concert

So all in all, it should be a pretty fantastic week. If you guys wanna wish me luck for my auditions in February for America's Got Talent, feel free. That and my solo part :D Oh, virtual cookie if you know what song I used in the beginning of the post :3

Oh, before I forget, I'm currently working on a few ideas and I hope to have at least one up before the end of the year. But, you know. School.

Well, for now, ciao~!

"Every Mother's Dream"

2011-10-03 21:28:42 by EarthAndI

So, I recently found out that my science teacher is in a band. Yeah. Personally, I don't care for the type of music, but her voice is very nice to listen to. So if you want to check that out, here ya' go: ApWs&feature=related

I suppose you might enjoy it if your into, like, country. But, whatever. I'm more of an alternative person, myself. So my question for you all now...What's your favorite song/singer?


2011-09-16 22:38:13 by EarthAndI

Hey guys. What I decided I'm going to do on my news posts, besides updates, is every once and a while, share bits and pieces of my opinions/rants. That way, you can see the relatively serious/angry little person in me.

Today's is, well. You can read. If you can't, I'm amazed at your progress. But seriously. Today during class, we were talking about the Constitution. We The People, something something. But we got a little off subject when we were talking about the right to bear arms. We started talking about how when my teacher was in high school, kids had shotguns in their cars from overnight hunting (Ha ha, I live in a hillbilly community, ha ha. Sort of. Anyways.) and nobody really cared.

She said that changed after, contain your utter surprise, the Columbine shooting. And of COURSE, somebody asked what that was. So she tells us. Someone else asks what happened afterwards, and she told us. They killed themselves. And --Another surprise-- some moron who thought he was being funny, throws out a JOKE. And, I kid you not, he pretends to shoot himself. Really? Are kids my age on THAT level of stupidity? It's amazing how insensitive some people are.

Did I personally know anyone who was hurt or killed in this accident? No. But does that make it any less of a tragic happening? Absolutely not. So I go into even deeper thinking. What about? Basically, everything I know and believe. I could drill all that into your brainhole, but I'll spare you the utter boredom. And somewhere along the lines of everything, I realized you can't really escape tragedy. It's everywhere. From the death of a loved one, to abused children, something in the world will eventually make you realize what tragedy really is. And to the moron in class, it could just be his dog peeing all over his Xbox, I DON'T CARE. But then I also realize, you can't dwell on certain things. Are people still crying over the deaths in the Revolutionary war? I highly doubt it.

So, call me a butthurt, whiny little child-face. Whatever. This is just what I think. So, tell me, do you guys think I should keep doing these kinds of posts, based on this little sample? Or should I just stick to updates that nobody really reads? Please, I beg of you, give me some feedback.

Oh, before I forget, if you're like me, the video I'm about to suggest you go watch, WILL MAKE YOU CRY. Don't say I didn't warn you. But the video, it's called "Autumn Tree", if you haven't already seen it on here. It's by "AloneInTheDark". It was actually the biggest piece of information on Columbine I'd ever received. But then again, I was naive and ten, so. It's very well animated, and I love the art style. Like I said, it was so good, it made me cry (The second time I watched, after I'd gathered more information). And if you REALLY wanna be my poser, go read a book called Give a Boy a Gun. It's a unique book, as it's all told in (Fictional) quotes. It really does resemble the Columbine shooting, but it's also very different. Anyways, it's a really good book. But, I should go for now. Bye guys.

I'm going to SCREAM.

2011-09-11 10:47:49 by EarthAndI

I am SO upset. I was working on my newest animation idea, and I was drawing a picture for a friend of mine. I thought my family would realize that something left open overnight, was still being worked on. Guess not. They didn't even bother to save the pictures! -_- And I was almost finished with both of them, too. What would you guys do, I'm wondering? And the really tedious part of making both pictures, was the hair. Which, I had just finished figuring out the shading. Delightful, isn't it? I guess I'll just have to start all over. Until then, everyone, goodbye.