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hi, i'm chrissy. but i'm really dumb and that's probably all you need to know about me. whoops.

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Been a while, eh? 


Man, I hardly even remember how this site works. After I post this, I'll probably not log in for another year or so, completely forget the site, come back, and make another post like this (whoops). Do people even read these anymore? Meh. Probably a good thing. A lot of my old posts are super embarassing and dumb. (I was in the 7th grade, okay ;A;) If anyone who used to comment on my old posts happens to see this, hello I'm not dumb anymore, also, thanks for putting up with me when I was. I'll probably look back on this and decide that it was dumb too. Oh well. 


So, if any of you for some reason care, or are just reading this for the sake of reading something, here's what's happened since my last post:

-started high school (and decided the first day that I hated it)
-met and befriended some super rad band kids, despite being a chorus geek >v>
-somehow managed to get two whole teachers I can tolerate and actually enjoy

-participated in a talent show

-dated one of those super rad band kids for.. a week >v>''

-auditioned and (barely) got in to the school musical (Into the Woods, woo)

-had a stalker

-went to New York City on a chorus trip (good god I am never doing that again.) AND GOT TO SEE WICKED AND LES MISERABLES OHMYGOD


But uh, that's about it. Sorta cool, but meh. So how have you guys been while I was away? ;v;

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