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Ugh. Some people...

2011-12-22 23:14:39 by EarthAndI

I was gonna whine about my sixth grade year in this post. But I think I'm better than that. I was also going to tell you guys to leave mean posts on someones FB. But, I decided against it, only because I know it would somehow lead back to me. But I am going to write a letter to that person here. You guys can read if you want. It's probably going to make me sound like "one of those girls" (If you don't know, then here ) But, if you want, continue reading.

Dear Nerd face....I mean.. Nerise. This is about Jordon. Call me butthurt that I'm still whining about our breakup from May, whatever. I don't care. He told me all about how you blackmailed him, when I talked to him over the summer. And it makes sense, because you're that kind of person. You'd do anything if you don't get what you want. A timeline that also helps to prove his story:

April 20-something (Maybe the 26th? Somewhere around then.) - I told you that I no longer wanted to have anything to do with you.

A few days later - The final awards ceremony, I got sick. You think I was crying over your sorry butt? Puh-lease. You only wish.

May 2nd - The only reason I remember this date, is because it was the day before my birthday. You knew that, and Jordon didn't, because I hadn't told him. This was also the day he broke up with me.

Sometime in early August - I decided to text him one night, because I was convinced that it wasn't him on his own, breaking up with me. It was just too out of character. He told me that it was really you, who wanted us broken up. He said that you told him if he didn't do it, you'd tell people his "Secret". Bluff, much? He wouldn't ever tell you HIS secrets. You think you were his friend? Get over yourself.

It makes sense. And btw, we're back together ;3
Oh and, stop talking to me like you never did anything wrong. You think it makes you look like the bigger person, but really, it makes you look like a b!tch. Even Jonathon thinks so. Looks like you're the one with exposed secrets :)


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2011-12-24 17:50:31

Don't take this the wrong way, but was writing this letter necessary? It will only further degrade your self-esteem. It would have been better to confront the bitch face to face. It sickens me to see people needing to use the Internet as a tool to talk shit behind others, especially if you know the person.

I'm not trying to make you sound like a bad person because that's my job, but you should know better than having to write a letter about someone who probably wouldn't even understand it, so what's the point of writing it?

EarthAndI responds:

You're right, but honestly, I feel writing something out feels better than just thinking it. I would confront her, but she'd probably start talking more crap about me. Or start a fight, which would put me in an awkward place, because as "tough" as I act, I'm really a pacifist :/