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2011-12-27 14:27:42 by EarthAndI

I know you guys don't give a flying kitten about my life. Buuuut, I've got nothing better to do than to post stuff. So I'm gonna tell you guys about the past few days.

I had a fairly good Christmas. Got most of the stuff I asked for, but I figured I would, since none of it was too expensive. I went to my dad's mom on Christmas eve, opened presents and ate snacks. I made my uncle a paper fez :3 My sister and my other uncle devoured shrimp. Yep. But anyways, Christmas day, my sister woke me up at 7 am, as if she'd never seen presents under the tree before. A few hours later, we went BACK to our grandmother's house for a lunch, then to my other grandmother's house to open a few more gifts. Then we went home. Nothing really happened the next day, except that I found out my friend Jonathon can actually get online now. Buuuut, he got his phone taken away, because his parents are pretty screwed up. He was texting his brother, and because his parents don't like his brother, they forbid him from communicating with him. Rather cold. And today, I found out I have to get glasses. Hoo-rah. I got the frame today, but I don't get lenses until next Monday. So. That's about it. I think I'm gonna start working on a video, with the song "Shine For Me," by Camera Can't Lie. Shame that song is only famous for being in a Lowe's commercial.


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2011-12-27 15:55:57

I'm not very fond of Christmas, really. Just seems like another day, and another headache from having to reply to inferior children like fentlynn or whatever the fuck its name is.

EarthAndI responds:

I don't love it, don't hate it. What bugs me is the fundies and Bible thumpers going "LET'S PUT CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTMAS!!!!" I'm Christian, as I've stated before, but people like that are just annoying.