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Inner confliction

2011-12-21 13:48:02 by EarthAndI

You guys, I've been considering posting some covers to my website, YouTube, etc. But as the subject of the post would suggest, I'm just not sure. Two years back, I never would've considered it. I was awful. But since then, I've taken chorus, and my teacher has helped SO much. Recently, I've gotten quite a few compliments, from those who have heard my solo voice. But, the reason I'm concerned is my friend Felisha has a beautiful voice and has put a few songs on YouTube, but got attacked for no apparent reason. Normally, if someone says something to my face about my singing, I can handle it. But the internet is relentless. I'll think about it, and if I do decide to post something, I'll pick a song that I know I can do. :3


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