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Sorry I haven't been posting for a few days.

2011-12-06 18:54:59 by EarthAndI

Well, like you guys care anyway. But I've been busy with two projects and I've got another coming up. My science project was so awful I'm not even posting it anywhere. Not here, not YouTube. My sister might post it, but whatever. It was terrible.

On an unrelated note, if you've read my previous posts, you know I'm part of the newspaper, doing advice. If you guys have anything you need answered, go ahead and PM me. Seriously. I've talked two close friends of mine out of suicide before.

And one more thing, I'm really hoping to work on an animation for Christmas to upload here. But I won't have very much time to work on it. I just don't know. I feel bad I've only posted messages and art on Newgrounds.. Oh well, I guess.


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2011-12-17 04:40:08

You are part of a newspaper? Sounds like a fun gig