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Pff. People entertain me.

2011-12-01 20:43:33 by EarthAndI

So occasionally, I like to read random blog posts. Some dude was talking about cyber-safety on Newgrounds, blah blah. And he actually said IAmNotNice is a bully. So of course I had to say what I think, being my opinionated self. I said something to the extent of "IAmNotNice is funny. I enjoy reading his posts. If you can't handle the internet, get off and make some actual friends." I checked back today to see if he replied. He deleted my comment. Lol. So what has someone done to you that you found humorous when they were not happy? By the way, if you find any capitalization mistakes in this, ignore it. My shift key is being stupid.


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2011-12-05 19:36:07

Wow, hypocrite much porky? Your logic is so inferior it nearly made me cry. I am not kidding. Has your brain downgraded from stupid to sonicflare9?


2011-12-05 19:42:56

What the motherfucking fuck fuck is this fucking bullfuck?! This fuckfest is fucking Newgrounds, you gotta fucking put up with the fucking fuckers that fuck around on this fucking site like IAmNotFuckingNice. Wait... IAmNotFuckingNice. Hmm... hey IAmNotNice, do you care about your Newgrounds statistics? You should change your name to IAmNotFuckingNice.


2011-12-17 04:36:49

I read random posts too. Guilty pleasure of mine :/