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I'm just in need of an internet rage.

2011-11-30 21:24:57 by EarthAndI

So if you can't fap to that, or you just don't care, I suggest you leave this page. Try thisinstead. But really, this is just me being angry at one person and taking it out on you guys. But hey, if you get off at teenage girls ranting, or you care about my life, by all means go ahead, creep.

Okay, first of all, Haiden "Rectum". You're stupid. And don't even tell me that's an opinion, because if intelligence can be measured, I'm sure un-intelligence can, as well. By the way, hunting isn't cool. It never was, so get over yourself, you hick. And if I tell you to shut it, don't even think about "Free speech," because if that is the only part of the Constitution you know, I don't even want to hear it. And saying, "So, if your racist, it isn't bad, because it's a belief?" only gives me something else to call you. And trust me, it's already a long list. Stupid, ignorant, racist, sexist, procrastinating, hypocrite, patronizing, narcissist, etc. And I bet half of these, you don't even know the meaning of. Oh, and to your little comments about me being a "nerd," I'd rather be intelligent than a douche-bag.

Now, to the idiot behind me, waiting on his ride: Do us a favor and shut up. If you don't know the real meaning of a word, and only use it as a slur, quit talking. "Faggot" comes from the French word "Fagot" and the Italian "Fa(n)gotto". The both mean something similar to "Bundle of sticks". And even though I turned around and said this to you, you were too busy accusing others of something that probably isn't true to even pay attention. You may be older than me, but apparently know less.

And to the idiot next to me in homeroom. Do not yell in my ear. You're not funny. So stop. I'd like to be able to hear things when I get out of school this summer. And the guy that you're trying to talk to, yeah, we're friends, we share the same sense of humor, so I'm sure he isn't amused. Nobody is. Quite being an attention seeking loser.


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