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2014-04-11 23:34:40 by EarthAndI

Been a while, eh? 


Man, I hardly even remember how this site works. After I post this, I'll probably not log in for another year or so, completely forget the site, come back, and make another post like this (whoops). Do people even read these anymore? Meh. Probably a good thing. A lot of my old posts are super embarassing and dumb. (I was in the 7th grade, okay ;A;) If anyone who used to comment on my old posts happens to see this, hello I'm not dumb anymore, also, thanks for putting up with me when I was. I'll probably look back on this and decide that it was dumb too. Oh well. 


So, if any of you for some reason care, or are just reading this for the sake of reading something, here's what's happened since my last post:

-started high school (and decided the first day that I hated it)
-met and befriended some super rad band kids, despite being a chorus geek >v>
-somehow managed to get two whole teachers I can tolerate and actually enjoy

-participated in a talent show

-dated one of those super rad band kids for.. a week >v>''

-auditioned and (barely) got in to the school musical (Into the Woods, woo)

-had a stalker

-went to New York City on a chorus trip (good god I am never doing that again.) AND GOT TO SEE WICKED AND LES MISERABLES OHMYGOD


But uh, that's about it. Sorta cool, but meh. So how have you guys been while I was away? ;v;

Oh my.

2013-03-06 18:46:24 by EarthAndI

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I don't know why I haven't been on here, lately. Sorry 'bout that. I keep starting some projects that I intend to post here, and then I just give up. The only animating I've been doing is a project I had to do for science... and it wasn't even that good. (._.'')

So I guess I'm gonna try to be more productive...? Yeah. I think that's my point in writing all this. *cough* Anyways! If you guys have any animation ideas, feel free to suggest 'em. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my dorky best-bro-friend.

(But don't tell him I put it here. c;)

Oh my.


2012-05-09 20:48:43 by EarthAndI

Holy cow in a shoebox! I haven't posted in forever! But that's not what I'm going to ramble about.

You guys have heard about Amendment One, blah blah blah. It was passed in North Carolina. Where I live. I don't even.... Wtf. For real? I'm sick of living with a bunch of hicks. You can marry your COUSIN here. I thought Asheville would be decent in voting, but a majority of people I know where FOR it. And Asheville is only a small part of NC anyway. Why am I still so young?! I totally would've voted if it was possible. I cannot stand living here. Like, seriously. I know I sound like a whiny teenager. But this really ticks me off. My parents were trying to change my way of thinking. They thought I think like this because I have a gay uncle and friend. My brother was against it, but there wasn't any questioning for him. They asked me if I knew what the Amendment was even about. Naw, I just feel like disagreeing with these ignoramuses for gits and shiggles. Am I overreacting? Probably. But I want to know what you guys think, kay?


2011-12-27 14:27:42 by EarthAndI

I know you guys don't give a flying kitten about my life. Buuuut, I've got nothing better to do than to post stuff. So I'm gonna tell you guys about the past few days.

I had a fairly good Christmas. Got most of the stuff I asked for, but I figured I would, since none of it was too expensive. I went to my dad's mom on Christmas eve, opened presents and ate snacks. I made my uncle a paper fez :3 My sister and my other uncle devoured shrimp. Yep. But anyways, Christmas day, my sister woke me up at 7 am, as if she'd never seen presents under the tree before. A few hours later, we went BACK to our grandmother's house for a lunch, then to my other grandmother's house to open a few more gifts. Then we went home. Nothing really happened the next day, except that I found out my friend Jonathon can actually get online now. Buuuut, he got his phone taken away, because his parents are pretty screwed up. He was texting his brother, and because his parents don't like his brother, they forbid him from communicating with him. Rather cold. And today, I found out I have to get glasses. Hoo-rah. I got the frame today, but I don't get lenses until next Monday. So. That's about it. I think I'm gonna start working on a video, with the song "Shine For Me," by Camera Can't Lie. Shame that song is only famous for being in a Lowe's commercial.

Ugh. Some people...

2011-12-22 23:14:39 by EarthAndI

I was gonna whine about my sixth grade year in this post. But I think I'm better than that. I was also going to tell you guys to leave mean posts on someones FB. But, I decided against it, only because I know it would somehow lead back to me. But I am going to write a letter to that person here. You guys can read if you want. It's probably going to make me sound like "one of those girls" (If you don't know, then here ) But, if you want, continue reading.

Dear Nerd face....I mean.. Nerise. This is about Jordon. Call me butthurt that I'm still whining about our breakup from May, whatever. I don't care. He told me all about how you blackmailed him, when I talked to him over the summer. And it makes sense, because you're that kind of person. You'd do anything if you don't get what you want. A timeline that also helps to prove his story:

April 20-something (Maybe the 26th? Somewhere around then.) - I told you that I no longer wanted to have anything to do with you.

A few days later - The final awards ceremony, I got sick. You think I was crying over your sorry butt? Puh-lease. You only wish.

May 2nd - The only reason I remember this date, is because it was the day before my birthday. You knew that, and Jordon didn't, because I hadn't told him. This was also the day he broke up with me.

Sometime in early August - I decided to text him one night, because I was convinced that it wasn't him on his own, breaking up with me. It was just too out of character. He told me that it was really you, who wanted us broken up. He said that you told him if he didn't do it, you'd tell people his "Secret". Bluff, much? He wouldn't ever tell you HIS secrets. You think you were his friend? Get over yourself.

It makes sense. And btw, we're back together ;3
Oh and, stop talking to me like you never did anything wrong. You think it makes you look like the bigger person, but really, it makes you look like a b!tch. Even Jonathon thinks so. Looks like you're the one with exposed secrets :)

Inner confliction

2011-12-21 13:48:02 by EarthAndI

You guys, I've been considering posting some covers to my website, YouTube, etc. But as the subject of the post would suggest, I'm just not sure. Two years back, I never would've considered it. I was awful. But since then, I've taken chorus, and my teacher has helped SO much. Recently, I've gotten quite a few compliments, from those who have heard my solo voice. But, the reason I'm concerned is my friend Felisha has a beautiful voice and has put a few songs on YouTube, but got attacked for no apparent reason. Normally, if someone says something to my face about my singing, I can handle it. But the internet is relentless. I'll think about it, and if I do decide to post something, I'll pick a song that I know I can do. :3

Well, like you guys care anyway. But I've been busy with two projects and I've got another coming up. My science project was so awful I'm not even posting it anywhere. Not here, not YouTube. My sister might post it, but whatever. It was terrible.

On an unrelated note, if you've read my previous posts, you know I'm part of the newspaper, doing advice. If you guys have anything you need answered, go ahead and PM me. Seriously. I've talked two close friends of mine out of suicide before.

And one more thing, I'm really hoping to work on an animation for Christmas to upload here. But I won't have very much time to work on it. I just don't know. I feel bad I've only posted messages and art on Newgrounds.. Oh well, I guess.

Pff. People entertain me.

2011-12-01 20:43:33 by EarthAndI

So occasionally, I like to read random blog posts. Some dude was talking about cyber-safety on Newgrounds, blah blah. And he actually said IAmNotNice is a bully. So of course I had to say what I think, being my opinionated self. I said something to the extent of "IAmNotNice is funny. I enjoy reading his posts. If you can't handle the internet, get off and make some actual friends." I checked back today to see if he replied. He deleted my comment. Lol. So what has someone done to you that you found humorous when they were not happy? By the way, if you find any capitalization mistakes in this, ignore it. My shift key is being stupid.

So if you can't fap to that, or you just don't care, I suggest you leave this page. Try thisinstead. But really, this is just me being angry at one person and taking it out on you guys. But hey, if you get off at teenage girls ranting, or you care about my life, by all means go ahead, creep.

Okay, first of all, Haiden "Rectum". You're stupid. And don't even tell me that's an opinion, because if intelligence can be measured, I'm sure un-intelligence can, as well. By the way, hunting isn't cool. It never was, so get over yourself, you hick. And if I tell you to shut it, don't even think about "Free speech," because if that is the only part of the Constitution you know, I don't even want to hear it. And saying, "So, if your racist, it isn't bad, because it's a belief?" only gives me something else to call you. And trust me, it's already a long list. Stupid, ignorant, racist, sexist, procrastinating, hypocrite, patronizing, narcissist, etc. And I bet half of these, you don't even know the meaning of. Oh, and to your little comments about me being a "nerd," I'd rather be intelligent than a douche-bag.

Now, to the idiot behind me, waiting on his ride: Do us a favor and shut up. If you don't know the real meaning of a word, and only use it as a slur, quit talking. "Faggot" comes from the French word "Fagot" and the Italian "Fa(n)gotto". The both mean something similar to "Bundle of sticks". And even though I turned around and said this to you, you were too busy accusing others of something that probably isn't true to even pay attention. You may be older than me, but apparently know less.

And to the idiot next to me in homeroom. Do not yell in my ear. You're not funny. So stop. I'd like to be able to hear things when I get out of school this summer. And the guy that you're trying to talk to, yeah, we're friends, we share the same sense of humor, so I'm sure he isn't amused. Nobody is. Quite being an attention seeking loser.

Ugh. Girls.

2011-11-26 20:13:06 by EarthAndI

Really. They give people like me a bad name. I mean, not all girls. But the ones that end up on TV.

Okay, so I was up last night watching one of those weird TLC shows. It was the one show where girls start freaking out over dresses. I mean, really. I started thinking, and realized I'm not the average girl. Some scenarios:

Me: Hey dude. Hey, did you see that video I sent you? *Has an actual CONVERSATION and not a freaking spazz attack*

OOTG: Ooooh! Lemme do you're make-up!
Me: Wtf. No. I don't want three inch thick powder on my face.

OOTG: Ugh, look at how trashy she is. She looks so desperate.
Me: T-shirt and jeans...Actually she looks pretty comfortable with herself, In a sense that she doesn't need to wear clothes that show off 99% of her body to get attention.

OOTG: Wanna go shopping? :D
Me: No, I don't need 500 clothing items.

Me: *picks up the other controller*

OOTG: Honey! You look so cute!
Me: ...Would you like some clothes with that skin?

******OOTG: Hey boys! Lookie at me in my...*hair flip* Strapless dress :3
Me: Get me out of this dress and this hallway.... *hides face*

Me: *completely forgot I texted anyone*

Soooo. Yeah. And I hate the word "Tomboy," I mean, it just sounds stupid. And personally, I don't like labeling myself. So do you know anyone like me? I don't. :I

******So, this was based off an experience in drama class. We had to try on prom dresses for our play, and we had to walk from the bathroom to the auditorium in our dresses. And there would always be boys out there, skipping their classes. I hated it. And, we didn't have any boys in our drama class, so I don't know why we couldn't get dressed in there.